Theme Hospital on Android (CorsixTH).

A friend of mine has ported Theme Hospital (CorsixTH) to the Android platform and it's awesome so far.

It's still a "work in progress" however it is playable!

** I have received a large number of hits to this article recently. I think it's because of the Theme Hospital app that has just hit the Android Store (Google Play). The app uses my friends code without acknowledgement and the "developer" hasn't released the source. Don't buy it. An updated and more importantly free version is on my friends site. The one on the Play store is actually using copyrighted content so it should be removed soon**

The game requires you to have either the demo or the full version of the PC game. On first boot the game will ask for the location of these files.

Even though I had the full game years ago, I downloaded the demo files and placed them where the app told me to (sdcard\th).

The installer went on to ask me the resolution of the phone and a couple of optional advanced questions.After the installer built the files, it was on to the game!

I used the Google G1 to test this app and it was playable. The screen on the G1 isn't great and I don't think I could spend too long on it however, if it runs fine on that, it should work on pretty much any Android phone?

Update 21/05/2012 - I have now played this on my Huawei Ascend G300 and it's awesome.

If you want the game, head over to Alan's website

Whilst you're there, remind him he still has my Monopoly game from about 10 years ago. Thanks.

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